Randolph Created

Randolph when originally created by the County Commissioners on December 3, 1810 included Suffield.

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First Doctor In Randolph

The first doctor in Randolph was Dr. Rufus Belding. He arrived with his family in 1807. For 25 years he was the

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First Wedding In Randolph

The first marriage was that of Bela Hubbard and Clarissa Ward, in April of 1806. It was later believed that the officiating

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Death of Mary Ward

The first death in Randolph was that of Mary, wife of Josiah Ward in February, 1804 Prior to her death she had

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First Crop In Randolph

The first crop of wheat was raised in 1803 by Bela Hubbard on the northwest corner of lot 57, (Intersection of Hartville

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More Families Move to Randolph

By 1803 others had settled in Randolph including: Arad Upson and family, Joseph Harris, Joseph Ward and family, Jehial Savage and family,

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Randolph Settled

Randolph was first settled March 31, 1802 by Bela Hubbard and Salmon Ward. Both men were from Middletown, Connecticut and after a

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