We are committed to maintaining the township and all of its requirements. Please see the What We Do tab for a list of our responsibilities.

As always, line striping will take place during the summer months. Drivers are reminded to please observe the direction and speed requirements during this process. It will result in a better striping project as well as decreasing the chance of paint splatter on your vehicle.

All travelers on the township roads, please remember that when you see a missing road sign or find a dangerous situation on any township roadway, you are asked to contact the township road department as soon as possible. Should you leave a message after hours, please remember to include your name and contact information so we can confirm the location and the needed repair.

We also ask that residents do not place leaves, brush or other yard debris in the ditches. This will restrict drainage from township roads. Please try to keep personal property far enough off the road right of way to ensure the township’s ability to maintain ditches and ensure everyone’s safety.

The extent of work done on the roads throughout the township can range from widening, new drain work, resurfacing, correcting or replacing ditch lines, line striping and so forth. Repairing potholes that have developed is an ongoing project throughout the township. Spring through the fall months will find many of the roads repaired throughout the township. You may experience some delays in travel as roadways are resurfaced or repaired.

Maintaining the road system is a multifaceted task. Other projects that are involved in the broad spectrum of work done by the Randolph Township Road Department includes:

  • Brush Cutting

  • Sign Replacement and Installation

  • Vehicle Maintenance

  • Mowing

  • Maintenance and Funeral Interments in the Cemeteries

  • Township Complex Projects

  • Upkeep of the Existing Park Areas

Road Department Officials

Tim Pfile

Road Supervisor


Assistant Road Supervisor

Please call 330-325-2776 to report a dangerous situation, missing sign, or any situation that requires attention.