Mental Health and Drug Addiction Information

We added some resources on our links of interest section of the website. If you know someone who is struggling with addiction

Mental Health and Drug Addiction Information2020-08-20T15:52:18+00:00

Clean Water Plan Meeting Jan 22 in Ravenna

Staff will describe the update for Chapter 3 of the plan: Wastewater Management Facilities Planning, and collect comments about it. Please read

Clean Water Plan Meeting Jan 22 in Ravenna2020-01-14T17:05:17+00:00

Origins of the Hubbard Squash

Bela Hubbard, founder of Randolph, Ohio, was the first to cultivate the Hubbard Squash according to local legend. There are many tales

Origins of the Hubbard Squash2019-11-22T17:01:25+00:00

All Inclusive Playground Officially Started

Randolph's All-Inclusive Playground is officially started. Those involved with its planning met to mark the off the dimensions of the playground surface.

All Inclusive Playground Officially Started2019-06-04T14:46:49+00:00

Memorial Day 2019

There are only a few events each year that exemplify the wonderful community we live in. The Memorial Day parade

Memorial Day 20192019-06-02T15:34:17+00:00

Honor Our Heroes with Flag Etiquette

Parade Marshall, Mrs. Virginia McKay, gave a wonderful speech during the Memorial Day Service in the center of Randolph yesterday. Many

Honor Our Heroes with Flag Etiquette2019-05-28T15:20:32+00:00

Motorcycle Season is Here

Motorcycle Season is here. Please be on the lookout for motorcycles as you drive. You can learn more about driving safely

Motorcycle Season is Here2019-05-20T15:47:10+00:00
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