The Ohio Primary Election will conclude on April 28, 2020. There will NOT be an opportunity for in-person voting and your vote must be cast via an absentee ballot. You must request an absentee ballot directly from the Portage County Board of Elections.  I spoke with a BOE employee on the phone this morning and she suggested requesting your ballot two weeks in advance to ensure it arrives to you in time. That means you should request your ballot by April 14. Once it arrives at your home you should complete your ballot and return it to the Board of Elections. Your ballot MUST BE POSTMARKED BY APRIL 27 (the day before the election) in order for it to be counted.


(1) REQUEST A BALLOT –  Complete an absentee ballot request and then print it out and either (1) mail it to the BOE or (2) drop it in the drop box at the BOE in Ravenna. Be sure you sign the request. If it is not signed it will not be accepted.

(2) WAIT. Once you have submitted your request the BOE will process that request and mail you your ballot. This is why you should request your ballot at least 2 weeks in advance – so the BOE has time to get you a ballot. They are going to be swamped! Do not wait until the last minute to request your ballot!

(3) RETURN YOUR BALLOT – Once you have received your absentee ballot in the mail complete it and return it. Remember, it must be postmarked by April 27. It should be addressed to:

Portage County Board of Elections
449 S. Meridian St. #101
Ravenna, OH  44266

Notes: Ohio hosts a “party primary” so please pay attention to section 6 when you are requesting your ballot. Be sure to select “Primary Election” and then choose one of the following ballots: Democratic, Issues Only, Libertarian, or Republican.

The BOE is closed but their phone lines are open so PLEASE call if you have questions – (330) 297-3511

This is a crazy, uncertain time. That is for sure. If there is one thing we have seen it’s how our community can rally to help our school children. We hope this community support will continue and remind people how important our school is and how much our school needs us. Please share this information so people understand the process. This is truly unprecedented.

Thank you for your support,

We Are Waterloo Levy Committee

Lizette, Nichole, Lisa, Barb, Kerry, and Crystal

Thank you Waterloo Levy Committee for gathering this important voting information!