In photo above: Sabrina Christian-Bennett, Senator Matt Dolan Senate District 24, Susan Monegan, and Susan White

This is the latest on the All-Inclusive Playground as seen on their website.

Fields Playground Group has completed the Capital budget application and submitted this in August of 2019. We are being sponsored by Senator John Eklund Ohio Senate. This application is for Capital Improvement funding through the state of Ohio for the year 2020. If we are awarded any funds this will not be until March/April 2020. We are told many apply for this funding.

Senator John Eklund’s office then arranged for us to meet in Columbus at the State Capital building with various senators and finance people. We had these meetings on October 22nd, 2019. I attended these meetings with Sabrina Christian-Bennett Portage County Commissioner and Susan White Randolph Trustee. We were very excited to showcase our playground and answer any questions they may have had for us. They made us feel very welcomed.

It is our understanding that the capital funding process discussions will officially start after the first of the year. This meeting will be on who will receive funding and how much.

We are optimistic that we will be chosen.