Revolutionary Playground Coming To Randolph, Ohio

Randolph trustees approved the construction of an all-inclusive playground to be built at the Old School Park. A grand opening date has not been established. Once construction begins it will take approximately 2 weeks to build.

There are approximately 3,000 kids with special needs or disabilities in Portage County. According to the Portage County Board of Develomental Disabilities the number of these children is increasing.

“An all-inclusive playground would give all children the opportunity to play together no matter what their level of ability, including groups of siblings with different abilities.”

There are no all-inclusive playgrounds in Portage County where these children can play. The playground will be in the Old School Park on State Route 44. It will have parking, ADA-compliant bathroom facilities, and a picnic pavilion, plus the potential to include a sensory garden in the future.

This all-inclusive playground will give all children the opportunity to play together no matter what their level of ability including groups of siblings with different disabilities. Read on to see some of the features that it will include.

Playground Features

The playground features a custom blend of equipment from GameTime, Landscape Structures and GL Jones for children of all abilities, including Global Motion, Ability Whirl, and 2 Log Crawl Tunnels (see below for more information) built on a Spectra-poured-in-place rubber surface.

Global Motion®

The Global Motion has a patented two-tiered seating structure in the center for children with special needs to sit, with the outside of the globe constructed of climbing ropes for climbing and hanging. The entire structure spins. This is a newly patented piece of all-inclusive playground equipment from Landscape Structure


Our Ability Whirl is thought to be the second installed in the state of Ohio. It is a merry-go-round that is flush to the ground for easy wheelchair access. This is a UK-develped piece of handicapped accessible playground equipment from GL Jones.

2 Log Crawl Tunnels

Log Crawl Tunnels provide a place for autistic children to retreat to when they feel overwhelmed. The tunnels are constructed with glass reinforced concrete (GFRC) that is low-maintenance, durable, and has a realistic texture that promotes exploration and discovery. The Log Crawl Tunnels are made by Landscape Structures.