Randolph Township History and Timeline

December 1810

Randolph Created

Randolph when originally created by the County Commissioners on December 3, 1810 included Suffield.

April 1818

February 1820

April 1831

January 1853

October 1854

October 1858

First Randolph Fair

The first Randolph Fair was held on October 15, 1858, beside the road on Route

March 1868

January 1939

July 1994

Bela Hubbard Obituary

Old Schools in Randolph Township

My Life as I Lived it

Growing Pains in Johnnycake Hollow

The Blacksmith of Johnnycake Hollow

A Brief Sketch of the Life of Adam Schultz

Randolph History 1802 – 1850

The Millennium Comes to Randolph


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